27 February Site updates

Author: Cybersnake - 27th Feb 2017 12:00 am GMT

Pikachu with a wrench

Hello trainers!

The second round of updates are live!! Yess! We hope that soon the website will be visited by far more people and also hope that you like the new information tables that we added.

Let's check on the updates then:

Visible additions:

  • Updated current tables, Earning xp, Trainer lvls and Moves list with new visuals and fresh information
  • Created 5 new info tables, (Appraisals, Buddy Candy, Egg Distances, Pokemon Stats, Power up costs), you can find them under the tools -> tables menu options
  • Adjusted the 'tools' menu option added a 'tables' sub-option and added all existing and new tables to it
  • Increased width to sub-menu options to fit new names
  • Adjusted webiste routes and new tables headers for better accessibility, readjusted menu option names
  • Added generation 2 pokemon and their stats to the new info tables
  • Created sorting functionality for tables, now you can sort our tables at your heart's content
  • Created sorting and filtering functionality for Pokemon Stats table, you need to check it out! :)
  • Added new visuals to our social networks links in the footer, looks nice!
  • Added hover and active state for links in the footer, now you will notice on what page you are when clicking on a footer link
  • Readjusted the tables with new information from latest Pokemon Go updates
  • Adjusted all tables information to look more correct by seo standards as well as information wise
  • Added 'Updated on' information to all tables
  • Added a hover effect to table headers for tables that are sortable
  • Corrected facebook image in slider, seems like the image had a visual flaw
  • Added pokemon images to the project
  • Added icons for pokemon-types to the project
  • Adjusted the info-window information and visuals on the pokemon map page

Invisible additions:

  • Added alt element to all project images for seo and accessibility reasons
  • Checked all tables information to see if up to date and in line with other websites/sources

As you notice we had a BIG update, and it could have come sooner, but the big Pokemon Go update went online and we had to redo a lot of work, and of course check if everything is OK. Most of the update is based on the new info tables, but a lot of the information can be reused for other parts of the website, so the more updates are implemented the faster the next update will come, well at least this is the fact that we are experiencing at the moment ;)

The new tables should give you all the information you need to know about the strongest pokemon, what pokemons you can hatch and how much candy your buddy will give you per km. We will bring more pokemon information in the near future, after other critical updates.

We have made a small mistake with this update by trying to work on many things at once, the update was too large and took more time to develop than we anticipated, the next updates will be faster and smaller, to keep the website always fresh and to create a sense that the website is always moving forward.

The next updates that we are focusing on are building a dynamic news addition, so that news can be added fast and without hassle, since we want you to get the new information ASAP! And we will focus on the map functionality afterwards, we think that you will like the new map locations that will be available.

Tell us what you think about our new updates on Twitter and Facebook, you can find the links in the footer, we would love to hear from you all, your oppinion is Important! If you find a bug or two, reach out ;)

See you soon and have fun filling that pokedex with new Gen 2 Pokemon!
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