Large update Pokemon Go – 2 generation release!

Author: Lenaj - 27th Feb 2017 12:00 am GMT

Generation 2 pokemon update

Hello trainers!

If during a walk in the park you meet a funny monkey or a ladybug flies by, don’t be surprised! Aipom, Ledyba and Pichu – these are only a few from the many new types of Pokemon that Niantic has introduced in the last game update!

The second pokemon generation has finally made it's appearance with more than 80 new pokemons, as well as new game innovations that touched almost all the parts of Pokemon Go. Now, catching a pokemon is even more interesting – the pokemons started to move actively while you are trying to catch them. For example, Ledian is making fast and abrupt moves from left to right and Pidgeot is floating around at the top of the screen.

Now your trainer avatar can be even more attractive! You can beautify your hero’s appearance using new clothes and accessories (Skin, Shirt, Pants, Hats, Shoes, Eyes, Gloves, Socks, Belts, Necklaces and Glasses)

Besides the well-known Razz Berry that increases the chance to catch a pokemon at 1.5 times, now you can use the Nanab Berry to calm down the pokemon's movements or you can use a Pinap Berry that doubles the amount of Candy you’ll receive if your next catch attempt succeeds.

A new experience bonus has emerged: if you catch a pokemon with your first throw, you get 50 bonus XP.

Evolving your pokemons just got more interesting. Now you need special items that you can find at Pokestops to evolve some pokemon like Slowpoke, Onix, Scyther, etc.
We can also see changes in the pokemon evolution cost. For example, if Zubat evolution cost was 50 candy, now it's only 25.

Attack moves have received a total overhaul. Existing moves were modified and thanks God, to the better, new moves also made an appearance. Some charge moves became quick attacks, all charge moves received a good power up, check out the new moves list. Gen 1 pokemon can have new attacks now, evolving them also counts. Take care not to let go of your high ranked pokemon since some attacks just became Legacy moves (some of them might be pretty valuable).

Obviously, innovations made in version 0.57.2 (Android) and и 1.27.2 (iOS) are just a part of extensive changes that Niantic intends to implement in the future. We hope that these changes will make Pokemon Go more accomplished and interesting to everyone. Well, let’s go play the new version of Pokemon Go and check out how much better it became! Tell us what you think about these changes on Twitter and Facebook. We're looking forward to your commentaries ;)

Time to catch Gen 2 pokemons!