Pogostop F.A.Q.

Registration and Login

You can register on the website by clicking the "Register" button on the Login panel.
To open the login panel, you can click on the "Login" button in the top right of the top bar.
To register you need to supply your pokemon go username, an email address and a password. The email address and password should be different from your Pokemon Go account.
Your emails and passwords are safe with us, we do not send spam, we will send newsletters in the future, but you will be able to easily unsubscribe from them.

There is a second form of registration, when you login with a social network like Facebook or Google. On login we check if you already have a Pogostop account and if you don't, we create a brand new one and activate it, no need to activate it through your email. In short, logging in with a social account is an easy way to register on our website.


You can login to your Pogostop account with your email and password combination or with a social network account like Facebook or Google.
If you decide to login with a Facebook or Google account, you will have to grant our website access to your email on your social network account, remember, we use the email just to authenticate you on our website.
After a successful authentication, a Pogostop account is created and activated automatically. The social network account is the linked to the freshly created Pogostop account. After this, you can easily login again to your Pogostop account with your social network account.

Profile Settings

You can set the Pokemon Go username and modify your account password on the settings page.
The settings page resides in the profile menu. To reach the profile menu, you can click on the profile icon in the top bar.

Pogostop Map

The Pogostop map lets you set markers on the global map, at the moment you can set pokemon, pokestops and pokegyms. To set pokemons or pokegyms, you first have to choose what pokemon/pokegym you want to see on the map and click the button "Add to map", the pokemon/pokegym then appears on the map and you can move it around to set it's location. After you chose the location, you have to choose when the pokemon was caught (approximately), or if it's a pokegym/pokestop, you need to set it's name and click "Confirm". You can set as many markers as you wish, the more the better ;) For each marker set on the map you will get Pogostop credits and you will be listed on the Map Contributors block on the left.
Note: After you click confirm the pokemon/pokegym/pokestop will have a private status for 15 minutes, this means that you will be the only person that will be able to see it, you will also be able to remove the pokemon/pokegym/pokestop while it is private. After 15 minutes, the status changes to public and everyone else will be able to see your new marker on the map.


You can help support the project by donating on the support us page. You can choose between Paypal or Patreon, choose the method that is closer to you, since both have the same effect. By supporting the project you are helping the project stay online, grow the project and even bring new features to the project faster (there are still many features we would like to create). Thank you!