Let’s become closer!

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Dear trainer, we want to become closer to you on Social Networks! Let's share game experiences, the ups and downs and all the exciting and funny moments that Pokemon Go gives us.

At the moment, we can communicate with one another through social networks.
We use all the major platforms and we can interact on the one you are comfortable with, be it Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest or reddit.

Twitter – Our most active social network. On our twitter page we usually reveal interesting game details, share our gaming experience, publish links to the latest news and have a lot of fun ;)
Facebook – Here we usually publish information about the latest game news and website updates. We will be more than happy to see your comments and opinion on one of our news!
Youtube.com – yes, we also have a channel on Youtube! Here you’ll be able to watch videos related to Pokemon Go and guides on how to use some Pogostop features. The channel will also provide useful game advice and useful tips. If you have any proposals about what kind of topics you would like to watch, please, tell us on pogostopdotcom@gmail.com!
On Pinterest.com we publish graphic content related to Pokemon Go and you can also find many images from our website. If you like them, be free to save and use them at your heart's content!
Of course, we haven’t forgot about Google+. We are waiting for new trainers to join us there!

We have recently found one more place where we can communicate closer and spend more quality time. Soon we'll create a Pogostop subreddit on reddit.com. We will use it as a personal forum and we would like you to join the hot discusson topics ;) We'll discuss Pokemon Go, Pogostop related news and development, and just funny moments from the game.. We'll be very happy if you join us there, since the more, the merrier :)

We are waiting for you on our channels.
Welcome to Pogostop.com, friends!

Remember: the first 100 subscribers or players that register on the website will have added benefits as early supporters, so don’t hesitate to join!