Pokemon Go Water festival: find Lapras, Magikarp and other water types! Shiny Gyarados?

Author: Lenaj, Cybersnake - 23rd Mar 2017 12:00 am GMT

Lapras and Shiny Magikarp

Just a little while ago we have written about the new update related to getting more Evolution items, and now Niantic has decided to surprise us again! The Pokémon GO team has posted on March 22-nd, this Wednesday that a new Water Festival event has started at 1 P.M PDT. To be honest, we didn’t expect a new wide-scale event within this period of time, as there are no big holidays these days.

As we noticed, all the events that Niantic planned in the past where related to big holidays or important dates such as Halloween, Christmas Day, Valentine's Day and so on. As we found out though, the water festival is actually meant to correspond to the World Water Day, which is an UN initiative to draw attention to the worldwide clean water crisis.

Why is the event named Water Festival? and what should we expect from it? As its name implies, the Water festival is dedicated to water type pokemons. Until March 29-th you you have the unique chance to find rare water type pokemons - Magikarp, Squirtle, Totodile, their evolutions and who knows maybe even Lapras?!

Take note that you're bound to find more Water-type Pokemon, in their natural habitat. So we advise you to walk more often near rivers, lakes and of course the beach! Gen 2 water pokemons will also appear more often, let's check them out: Chinchou, Lanturn, Marill, Azumarill, Politoed, Wooper, Quagsire, Sloking, Qwilfish, Corosola, Remoraid, Octillery, Mantine, Kingdra.

What is interesting with this event is that there are no extra bonuses attached, like double exp, candies or cheaper items in the store. But we will be keeping an eye on this and update the article if something comes up! Anyway, the fact that you can find rare pokemons is already incredible. This is a real chance to gather enough Magikarp candies for those people who want a Gyarados! (As we do!)

Though there is one small surpise for Pokemon Go fans – the Magikarp Hat! It's already available in the shop and you can surprise your friends with it!

After a few hours after the Water festival started, there is information that Shiny Pokemons are now available in the game. Wow!

We will remind you that a Shiny pokemon is a specific Pokemon with a different color than what is deemed as common for its species.

There is information that some people have already caught a shiny, gold-colored Magikarp. Of course if you evolve a shiny pokemon it will remain shiny! Perhaps only magikarps are getting a shiny new look, we'll have to look more into it.

We think that this event is already great and we're having a blast! If you are interested to catch a rare water type or a Shiny pokemon, then go outside and spend more time near the nearest pond! Don’t forget to charge your phone! ;)

Ok then, let’s go fish together!! and if you catch an unusually strong pokemon, or maybe a shiny one, please, share it with us on Twitter and Facebook!

Shiny magikarps for everyone!