Update: get an evolution item on a Seven-day streak!

Author: Lenaj, Cybersnake - 23rd Mar 2017 12:00 am GMT

Pokemon Go evolution item on a Seven-day streak

Hello friends, we have good news for you!

On 21-st of March, Niantic has started to push their latest update (0.59.1 for Android and 1.29.1 for iOS). We are very excited about this, since the update will add a new possibility to find evolution items! Lately we have seen a lot of messages from gamers that were frustrated because of the small rate of acquiring them. We think that the update will address this shortcoming and put a big smile on a ton of trainer's faces, the Hype is real!

The evolution item given will be random. We will remind you that the bonuses for the 7 day streak are the following:

For catching a pokemon: +2500 XP and +3000 Stardust
For spinning a pokestop: +2500 XP and + many extra items

Now, in addition to these bonuses you will get one random evolution item. We are sure that the new feature will be well received by all trainers.

Other changes that you will be able to find in the game are:
- The sky in the game is a little different.
- Your trainer page is a bit different.
- The pokedex is slightly updated, new male/female icons are added. If you haven't caught any pokemon of that type yet, they will have a dotted outline and when you do catch it you will be able to see the pokemon gender differences when clicking on those icons.
- There are also shiny male and female icons... now that is something to look at! (put picture from thesilphroad here of shiny pokemon)
- The eggs get a new date label. Though at this point they are incorrect.
- Besides these changes we get the usual “some minor fixes”, not that exciting, but a needed change for some of us.

Some people also expect that the update will eliminate some bugs because of which some gamers couldn’t load the game.

What about us? We are more than happy to try out the new possibility to gather evolution items, as the chances to get an evolution item from the pokestops are really small. Don’t miss “The 7-Day streak” since this is the only chance to get the evolution item that you sought for. We will monitor the situation to inform you about any future changes.

What do you think about this update? Send your comments and remarks on our Twitter and Facebook. Have fun!