More evolution items - the time theory

Author: Lenaj, Cybersnake - 15th Mar 2017 12:00 am GMT

Pokemon Go evolution items in a chest

Hello, masters!

Last time we started discussing the new items that were released in the big update. Today we will continue this topic and will find out if there are any ways to get more evo items, since as you know, they are the rarest objects that you can get from pokestops.

Many gamers are interested to find new ways or even hacks that help get evo-items more often, there are also many speculations on how to get them, lets check that out:

The most substantial idea is the time theory. According to this theory there are exact periods of time when the items can be dropped.

On 13-th of march, user Mojurico created a topic on where he wrote about the exact time, when he found several items. He found 4 items (metal coat, sun stone, king's rock and dragon scale) at the same time - 16.50 (Mexico, Central Time Zone).

evolution items time
evo items time
evolution items time
evo items time
evolution items time
evo items time

The majority of gamers don’t believe that there is a connection between time and evo items appearing. It is known that if several players will spin a pokestop there are few chances that each of the players will receive an evo item.

Some other reddit users also commented on the time theory.

Mojurico: "I believe every single player has a different time for getting the items" (That may be the reason you didn't receive an item when others do)

Ilaifire: "There could be something like a hash based off of your user ID."

If this theory is right, it looks like players won’t receive the items simultaneously even when they play at the same time and place. It seems like every player has his own time span, and only you can find the right one for your account. If the time theory turns out to be real, it would make getting items more accessible.

Now there is too little evidence that the time theory works. We think that a massive investigation and experience sharing could help a lot. You could also play a big role here: just check the time when you get the evolution item and compare with your friend’s results or share it on If you are lucky in finding the magic time span for your account or have noticed a consistent pattern, please, tell us about it on Twitter and Facebook. This information could prove to be very important for all the Pokemon Go community.

Tell us what you think! See ya!