The Rock Type Event conclusions

Author: Lenaj, Cybersnake - 26th May 2017 11:17 pm GMT

rock type success

The “Adventure Week” rock type event has come to an end and travelers are coming back from their “trip”…

During the whole week (from May 18 to May 25, 2017) rock type pokemons spawned regularly everywhere and not only in their typical biome locations. People have encountered all rock type pokemon with Onix, Geodude, Omastar, Rhyhorn, Kabuto, Graveler and Slugma spawning everywhere. Larvitar and Aerodactyl were spawning at much slower rates. People state that they were seeing Larvitars everywhere in the first few hours of the event, though as per our understanding it was happening only in several regions.

Personally we haven't encountered a single Larvitar during the event. And of course haven't seen any Corsollas also. We do know that Corsolla is a region locked pokemon, but we had some hope ;)

Let's check out some opinions on the event:


"The good - I caught a ton of Rhyhorns and have accumulated almost 1000 candy. If I am still playing whenever Gen4 comes out I will be ready! Caught a few Onyx so I can evolve another Steelix. Stocked up on Kabuto and Omanyte so can evolve a few of those and aim for better move sets than I have."


"I also liked this event a lot. Having more access to Larvitar (3 before the event, 5 during the event) and Aerodactyl was huge…."


"Not a single Larvitar during the event :'(“


"I managed to walk 150km with my Tyranitar (planning to power it up), but only because the last day was a public holiday here, so I was able to do a lot of grinding there. This was the first time I've ever hit the buddy distance limit. :D"


"236 Larvitar candy, 936 Rhydon candy, 793 Geodude candy and 100+ Chansey candy. Hatched a 96% Chansey during the event too. It’s been a good event…"


"For my predominantly water type Biome, this event was amazing. I netted a few high IV Rhyhorn and Geodude that I never would have had before this event. I'm thankful for all the candy and wonder what is up Niantic's sleeve next (hopefully the redesign)"

evolution items time
evolution items time
evolution items time

After reading a lot of opinions we can say with certainty that the rock type Event was a great success, putting a lot of smiles on trainer's faces. Many people were hitting the buddy distance candy limits, it's 40 candies per 24 hours if you were wondering ;) More pokestop items also helped!

We finally have our first Dragonite, Alakazam, Magcargo and Kabutops! We think that the event was awesome and hope to see more of these in the future. Thank you Niantic, please keep amazing us!

We wish you good luck evolving all those rock type pokemons. We would be more than happy to read your “Adventure Week celebration” story and opinions on Facebook and Twitter.